Murals etc.
by Stacey Selman Bean
Stacey holds a degree in art from the University of Massachusetts.
She is a Sculptor and Muralist who creates works for major corporations
(McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts etc.) and private patrons.
Her commissions include works from small retail shops to large
shopping malls, where she builds giant sand sculptures for exhibition

"Her work delights the child, and intrigues the adult"
She is available to design pieces for your business or home.
She works mostly in the southeastern Mass. area, but has
traveled for large jobs. (please inquire of the artist.)
Working On A Sand Sculpture, In The Brockton Mall ; Commissioned by the
Animal Rescue League.
Full Wall Murals Of Specific Requests Are Her Specialty
Small excerpts from completed Childrens murals..
Set Up An Appointment To Have A
Mural Done For Your Childs' Room!
Stacey was asked to design an environment for a hallway that needed some charm...She created a granite walk with the illusion of a dark archway ..adding both depth and mystery.
Paying attention to the smallest details...Kean decorates this matching coat rack that will also go into a childs' room.